LaTosha Robinson-Butler

(MSV Spotlight) LaTosha Robinson-Butler

By Kenya Williams MSV

As the old saying goes, “Every penny counts!” This old adage appears to be an understatement as most families struggle to fill their homes with just the bare necessities.  Many households are being affected by the pandemic the world is currently facing.  Parents are experiencing layoffs, children are being mandated to attend virtual schooling and parents are faced with the task of continuing to provide for their families despite the dire circumstances.

LaTosha Robinson-Butler has seen firsthand the struggle and stress these difficult times are causing for households across the community.  Due to this, Mrs. Butler was inspired to educate parents on how to save when shopping at the grocery stores. Out of this inspiration, she started her business, SaVan. Through SaVan, Ms. Robinson-Butler teaches strategic skills for savings on everyday shopping. The strategic skills she educates individuals on is also known to some as couponing.

Through her work in Title I schools, Mrs. Robinson-Butler saw how families struggled to provide their children with school supplies and meals.  This prompted her to become passionate about helping families find creative ways to provide for their children’s needs and their households.

Mrs. Robinson-Butler currently offers complimentary classes for all Title I Schools and programs. If you are interested in this opportunity and would like to set up a class for your Title I school or program, please contact LaTosha Robinson-Butler at (941) 725-99976 or

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