The Department of Justice is up to something too slick to ignore. They’re trying to take away important rights while coronavirus has us all preoccupied with surviving.

The Department of Justice should be doing whatever it can to help fight the devastation of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, but it’s got other things in mind. Instead, under the leadership of Bill Barr, they’re trying to do something that has many shocked and scared.

The DOJ wants the right to detain people as long as they want without trial, and they’re using COVID-19 as an excuse to do it. The “emergency powers” they’d like to obtain give us every reason to be concerned because it’s much more than just indefinite detention.

They want to change the entire criminal justice processes. This would mean incredibly problematic changes, like the ability to stop court proceedings and the statute of limitations on charges. If granted this sort of power, the DOJ would be making a mockery of what it’s supposed to uphold—which is justice!

President Trump already has way more power than he actually needs because of the pandemic. He has the ability to block, quarantine, and detain people he chooses, thanks to sweeping emergency powers and the DOJ’s desires. This combination is so dangerous for us.

We have to remain vigilant and aware of what’s happening not only with coronavirus but with the government as well. Unfortunately, politicians and powers that be will try to accomplish their desires while people are scared. Black America can’t afford to let that happen!

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