ManaSota View’s mission is to publish African American news from the minority perspective.

We feel that to do this, we must produce a community-backed minority church and business publication and directory that strive to report with compassion, intelligence, and essentially constructive lens.

To create conversations, open minds, and be an instrument of public education and democracy, the source of information, which the minority community must have to govern itself wisely.  ManaSota View is a mirror and a lamp: it reflects the minority community to itself and a broader public; 

ManaSota View shines a light on the good and evil its communities do. It is a source of entertainment, a friend of culture, and the arts.

ManaSota View recognizes the cultural diversity of the minority community and welcomes the participation and contribution of all members of the directory body. The newspaper strives to be representative of its constituency commitment to free expression and the unfettered pursuit of truth.

The ManaSota View seeks to cover the activities and achievements of all individuals and organizations whenever those activities are worthy of news coverage.


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