Big Sean Tackles Anxiety & Suicidal Thoughts On Nipsey Hussle Collaboration “Deep Reverence”

He also alludes to losing a baby.

Big Sean teamed up with the late Nipsey Hussle for “Deep Reverence,” a track from his upcoming album, Detroit 2. Produced by Rogét ChahayedAudio AnthemG. Ry, and Hit-Boy, the song finds Sean getting personal about mental health issues. He also refers to losing a baby and downplays long-rumored tensions with Kendrick Lamar.

he Detroit rapper references JAY-Z while opening up about his experiences with both anxiety and depression:I’m tryna focus, but baby girl keep holdin’ my mind for ransom
And that ain’t how it supposed to be, this man Hov got to a B
And his name Shawn too, I almost felt like it was me
Damn, I realized all my setbacks were inside of me
In high school I learned chemistry, biology
But not how to cope with anxiety
Or how I could feel like I’m by myself on an island with depression on all sides of me (Damn)

Sean is signed to Jay’s Roc Nation management. His boss surprised many fans when he rapped about going to therapy on 2017’s “Smile.” The Brooklyn mogul later spoke about the experience with The New York Times.

Sean continues “Deep Reverence” by describing suicidal thoughts:With a Glock .17 right on the side of me (Hol’ up)
Look, I ain’t think I had the thought of suicide in me
Until life showed me all these different sides of me
Too many times I thought the reaper was outside for me
And how the f-ck it’s people that never met me that hate me?
I wonder if they understand that I meditate daily

The G.O.O.D. Music signee previously opened up about his struggles with mental health on 2019’s “Single Again,” after speaking to Billboard about taking some time to focus on taking care of himself.

“[I] had some things to work out in my head,” said Sean. “I never really took the time out to nurture myself, to take care of myself. It took me a lot of depression having a lot of anxiety to realize something was off. I’ve been getting myself together, getting my mind right. So I have been taking better care of myself and…not only am I bringing my best self to the music but I’m bringing my best self to the table, to my city, to my fans, to the people who care about me.”

Elsewhere on the new single, Sean alludes to having a miscarriage, rapping:Probably why the sh-t with me get crazy and we lost a baby

Although the meaning of the line is unclear, Sean has been involved in an on-and-off relationship with singer Jhené Aiko over the past few years.

Back in March, Hit-Boy gave fans a preview of “Deep Reverence,” teasing lines from the song where Sean reveals that he reached out to Kendrick after Nipsey’s death to clear up any tensions between them:After what happened to Nipsey, I reached out to Kendrick
It wasn’t even no real issues there to begin with
Lack of communication and wrong information
From people fueled by their ego, it’s like mixin’ flames with diesel

Sean made a similar statement on Joe Budden’s series, Pull Up, in February. “One of the people that—especially after Nipsey died—was important for me to connect with was Kendrick,” he said. “Me and Kendrick got a history of songs… When this whole Big Sean, Kendrick beef was going on, it was something I wish I would have spoken up about because there was nothing.”

Meanwhile, Nipsey raps about learning to grind from the streets:Yeah, I still learn the street lessons
From the mastermind, first you master grind, then your team catch it
This time is for the money, I don’t need credit
But I’m the don ‘cause the streets said it, look

Yesterday, Sean revealed the cover art for Detroit 2 and shared its release date.

The announcement came after Sean told fans that the album is finished, and he has proceeded to the mixing stage. Sean executive produced the project with Hit-Boy and Kanye West.
Listen to the song above, and read all the lyrics to Big Sean’s “Deep Reverence” featuring Nipsey Hussle on Genius now.
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