Atlanta Pastor Believes Sla-v-ery Was A “White Blessing” T.I. Suggest His ‘Jaw Needs To Be Tested,’ Believes LaCrae Exercised Extreme

By Omari Rogers

T.I. once again is standing up and speaking out about the issues that are currently affecting the Black community. He’s taken an unofficial stance as a bit of a spokesperson and using his platform to try, and effect change in ways that he can. Now, someone else is getting the T.I. treatment for harmful statements that were made.

T.I.’s been at the forefront of a few philanthropic efforts to help Black people during these extraordinary times. “Blackout Day July 7, 2020,” is how T.I. started his post at the time, with the rapper also including all minority races in his Instagram post for accuracy as well. T.I.’s ask of economic solidarity is one that has been called for before but with the state of things currently, it seems it has a higher chance of working. “We need one day of solidarity in America when not one person in America spends a dollar.”

The Southern hip-hop veteran has asked his followers and others to circle July 7th on their calendars, targeting that day for a unity effort to hit the pocketbooks of people all around the country in an economic “blackout” day. His initiative is to get every person of color in America (and allies) to not spend any money on that day to illustrate the buying power of Black Americans.

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Also noting, ” The sustained growth of the U.S. economy culminated in an estimated $14.8 trillion of buying power nationally in 2018, an increase of 100 percent since 2000 and 30 percent since 2010, with the biggest percentage gains occurring in minority markets.” African American’s have seen an huge increase in buying power from $961 billion in 2010 to $1.3 trillion in 2018. The boost is a result of a surge of black-owned businesses throughout the United States. 

T.I. has been on the front end of the current wave of activism that’s sweeping the nation, even if sometimes he says the wrong things. That being said, there are other celebrities who say much more terrible things and Tip’s tired of it and is finally pointing them out.

One of the first commentators that he’s called out is Candace Owens.

“Some severe cases, like Candace Owens, she got to go,” declares Tip. “She can’t come. She can’t come!” Cannon points out the Tip previously used his platform to attempt discourse with Owens, but it would appear the time for logic and reason has gone through the window. “I think she a paid plant,” he speculates. “Somebody paid her to come out here against speak out against what the majority of us is standing for. She ain’t a double agent, she’s their agent.

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He also pointed out Terry Crews, who’s also made some comments that caught some backlash. T.I. also took the time to break down why his statement was incorrect. “He’s trying to instruct the community to not be so harsh as it pertains to dealing with white [authority],” says Tip. “We can’t have Black [authority] because we don’t have the tools to oppress.” Now, T.I. taking time to address a recent event that has sent the Internet spiraling into heavy discussion and disdain. On Monday (June 15), influential pastor Louie Giglo sat down for a chat with Christian rap star Lecrae.

People not only slammed the Pastor, but also gospel rapper Lecrae, who seemed to sit there and just nod in agreement without adding any further discussion to the discourse, which was troubling for many. Though Lecrae said he did ended up speaking with the pastor about his comments, it wasn’t enough for T.I., who wanted to address it himself.

He took to his Instagram Live to share his thoughts on the matter. “[Lecrae] exercised extreme caution, and I respect that, because I would’ve tested [his jaw probably,” T.I. said. He also addressed the apology that Louie Giglio gave, which to T.I., it seemed to be very performative. “Nah, bruh. That’s what I keep trying to tell y’all. They can give a f— less about what we think or how we feel. They only care about how much we spend.”

And that’s why T.I.’s original call for a “Blackout Day” might not have been that off-base.

Pastor Giglio eventually backtracked his statement and apologized for his words.

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