African American High School Music Group Releases Groundbreaking Animated Video Addressing Current Social Issues

The Paragon Project Vol: 4 ADD-A-LESSON (ANIMATED ALBUM)
As is the case with all of The Paragon Project albums, the goal of this album was to create music that will generate dialogue between generations and bring awareness to social issues that are sometimes tough to discuss with youth. With Vol. 4:ADD-A-LESSON, The Paragon Project tackles the often perplexing time of adolescence and the many emotional twists and turns that come with it. Issues of generational trauma, high-risk behavior, peer pressure, social media, and cell phone addiction are explored through the narrative of a fictional main character and her peers. This album, unlike the previous Paragon Project album’s, is a concept album in the sense that all of the songs are a reflection of the inner voice or lived experience of our fictional main character and her friends. It should also be noted that the impact of the songs is cumulative, in that the effect of the experiences articulated in the songs grow on the main character much like they would on a person in real life. With that said, listeners may hear different styles of music, R&B, Rap, instrumental, and may hear different voices (male or female). Each song, however, is a representation of the main character’s thoughts or voice or the thoughts and voices of the people around her. Our main character is representative of countless urban youth.
To guide the conversation about this album, a collection of academicians, practitioners, and prevention specialists have written essays and detailed analyses of each song with discussion questions that can be explored with students or youth groups who would like to delve deeper into the content of this album. For a fully immersive experience, in addition to listening to the album, please utilize the accompanying lyric book, written analyses, and discussion questions with your class, family, or youth organization.

Columbus, OH   The Paragon Project, a revolving collective of nationally-recognized high school artists, found a unique way to release its fourth album as schools shut down and live performances stopped due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The full project was released as an illustrated lyric video on July 10, 2020, via YouTube. The album features songs with Truck North of The Grammy award-winning band The Roots and nerdcore rapper Mega Ran.

The Paragon Project Vol. 4: Add-A-Lesson uses music to tell a coming of age story of a young adult tackling trauma, social media addiction, depression, peer pressure, substance abuse and experimentation. The project features original hip hop, R&B, and afrobeat music written, produced, and arranged by students from Grammy award-winning Fort Hayes Metropolitan Education Center, an art-centered public high school in Columbus, Ohio.

Paragon Project

The illustration team of Ray Styles Studio know for its vivid, socially-conscious artwork for the NBA, Cardi B, Lil Uzi Vert, Atlantic Record, and Sony Records created an album-length illustrated lyric video for the album. The album will also be released across major music streaming services on July 10. 

“Given what’s happened this year with COVID-19 and millions of kids being out of school, this project serves as a great representation of the ups and downs that occur in a typical school year. It also gives tremendous insight into the voices of teens who are just trying to figure things out, and we’ve all been there before,” says hip hop artist Truck North

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